Mission Valley Foreign Car Service Inc.
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Our Goal

At Mission Valley Foreign Car Service, your needs are our first priority.

How do we do this?



First, we don't rush you.  Instead we listen to you as you describe your requests. We ask you questions if we need more information and we take our time writing down all the details.

Second, we perform the diagnosis and checkup you requested. We also check your vehicle for any conditions that could develop into a larger and more expensive problem in the near future. Next we prioritize your requests and any additional findings.

Now we are ready to call you with our cost estimates for what you have requested and for what we are recommending. On the phone we take our time explaining all our findings and recommendations. Our goal is to be patient and to take whatever time is needed to help you decide what to service and repair on your vehicle. We aim to minimize and help prevent future breakdowns and larger expenses.

We also ask how long you want to keep your vehicle(s).This way we can make more realistic recommendations that are tailored to your particular vehicle and your particular needs.

Fortunately for us, our business goals tend to reflect our person values and priorities. This encourages us to more fully engage ourselves at work and to look forward to a sense of accomplishment at the end of the day.